What is period poverty


...and why we are having an event 

Period poverty is when girls miss school and women miss work because they can't afford to buy menstrual products. It's when women and girls miss job interviews and other  opportunities simply because they have their periods.

We are having this event to help raise awareness and funds for those in Ontario who cannot afford the essential products they need to participate fully in society. Proceeds will be used to purchase menstrual products for distribution to a number of agencies in the GTA that serve abused, homeless and other women, girls and people in need. Many who menstruate often go without these essentials (that were just recently de-classified by the government of Canada as "luxury" items) and agencies cannot keep up with the demand.

Every person has the right to attend work and school without interruption and every person has the right to focus on the other challenges they face in life with dignity and in good health.

This fundraiser is just a stop-gap effort. We will continue to advocate for lasting change — in government funding, and for legislation if necessary, to ensure equality in access to these essentials products and to help end period poverty.